"Crib Notes has been an excellent investment for our NICU providers. As hospital systems (including ours) move towards large enterprise EMRs, we have yet to see one that functions as well as Crib Notes at managing the highly specialized and unique needs of Neonatal providers."

Scott Snyder, MD
System Medical Director
St. Luke's Neonatology
Boise, Idaho 


I would like to share with you our experience in implementing CribNotes utilizing 4 different interfaces.

Our medical center purchased and installed the Crib Notes™ application in May 2009. We initially went live with the ADT interface to our hospital system, INVISION by Siemans. We also utilized an interface to send documents from Crib Notes™ directly into our EMR system; ChartMaxx upon Go-Live.

Approximately three months later, we implemented the lab interface from our hospital lab system Sunquest to CribNotes and also monitor data from SpaceLabs. These particular interfaces took a bit more time for testing. We felt implementing the Crib Notes™ system held great value even without these two interfaces so that we elected to go-live early with the intent of taking the necessary time to appropriately test these two interfaces.

Our IT department works with many different vendors. They reported the implementation of these interfaces took no more time than usual. The lab interface required a longer time to build as they have specific regulatory requirements to meet when displaying lab information in a different system.

Our IT department felt this system was not difficult to work with and appreciated the responsiveness of Dr Stavis and his team in responding to our questions and requirements when building the interfaces.

We fully recommend this system!"

Donna Heyen BS, RNC
Nursing Systems
Clinical Information Systems Liaison
BryanLGH Medical Center


"In developing an NICU within a small community hospital, we had to deal within the confines of an existing EMR made for adult patients. Crib Notes™ provided us with immediate state-of-the-art charting appropriate for our patient population. It interacts seamlessly with the pre-existing EMR to enhance patient care, and provides a layer of safety not otherwise available to us in such a specialized field."

Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, MD
Minnesota Neonatal Physicians
Children's Hospitals and Clinics, Minneapolis


"Administrative Notices – as the assistant nurse manager of the NICU ( Administrative Coordinator) I can post any critical information the staff needs to know to do their job that day, knowing they will be prompted to read it every time they sign on to Crib Notes™ . Then I can see which staff have read the notices, giving me the ability to track staff compliance to receiving the information.

  • The hard stop requiring every 8 hour scores give us 100% compliance for the regulatory requirement of pain assessment in our patients. As the QI representative for the unit I know our compliance is 100% for every shift pain assessment.
  • As the infection control representative, I can utilize the Infection reports section to track the incidence and details of all the infections that occur in the NICU.
  • The Breast Milk Verification compliance report can be used as a management tool for nursing leadership if there is lack of compliance or an error in breast milk verification.
  • The search feature is very helpful with quarterly chart reviews.
  • The concise nature of the education features allows the staff to see what we have taught, an assessment of the parents’ reception of the taught material and what further areas need to be taught. I love that education materials the staff has created. Or published materials can be loaded into Crib Notes™ for us to print or email to parents.
  • The Nursing Signout box on the front page is an excellent way to remind people to finish tasks or create a worklist. As the manager or QI rep, when I review charts if I see documentation missing I can leave the staff a note in this box."
Ellen Kane, RNC, BSN
Clinical Coordinator
Bryn Mawr Hospital NICU