JCAHO has positive feedback for Crib Notes user

Recently JCAHO reviewed a Crib Notes customer and provided feedback to the Nurse Manager on the implementation of Crib Notes within their unit. Ms. Barbara Mahoney – Nurse Manager – shared this information with Crib Notes.

The Joint Commission came to inspect and credential Lankenau Hospital during the week of May 20, 2013.

The reviewer traced a mother through the Intensive Care Unit, Maternity and then the infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She sat with our NICU nurse and walked through the electronic medical record. The reviewer was so positive in her experience with Crib Notes at one point she asked if this was a hospital wide system. When she was told the system was specific for our neonatal population she said you should expand to include adults! The reviewer wanted to hear this infant’s story. Her questions were focused on tying together the care given to the family, particularly discharge teaching.

Here are some of the highlights of the reviewer’s positive feedback:

• Admission assessment, especially the listing of the learning barriers
• Screenings – Pulse Ox screening (Cardiac defects) documentation
• Nutritional needs including the summary listing the caloric intake over the last 24 hours
• Growth Chart
• Care Plans – particularly the color coding of resolved and existing needs
• Nursing Sign-off form
• Breast milk bar code system including management of aliquot mixing and labeling. This was a real wow!
• Critical value color coding
• Integrated notes
• Discharge Teaching summary and the use of the flash drive

The reviewer spent about 30 minutes or so reviewing Crib Notes with the team asking questions that were easy to answer by flipping through the screens. She was impressed and felt we were able to easily locate the information she requested showing comprehensive documentation of the family centered care of this family.

Thank you Crib Notes!

Barbara Mahoney, BSN, MHA, CNA
Nurse Manager – NICU
Phone – TLH – 484-476-2360
BMH – 484-337-4612
Bpr. 215-894-0311

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