Information Technology Structure

The Crib Notes™ EMR and database consists of all data necessary to provide a complete clinical record of an infant's stay in the NICU. While supporting the NICU, Crib Notes™ also works within the framework of the enterprise to communicate with other hospital systems, bringing interface flexibility to a new level.

Crib Notes™ takes advantage of standardized data interchange protocols and system interoperability specified by the ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization Health Level Seven (HL7). Interfaces based on these protocols eliminate any need for hard-to-maintain proprietary data feeds.

The Crib Notes™ system is a Java thick-client application that runs on an MS SQL Server, making it compatible with the usual enterprise infrastructure and standard PCs. HL7 interfaces support inbound feeds from ADT and other systems, including Laboratory, Radiology, and Vital Signs Monitors. Outbound feeds to a clinical data repository and/or e-HIM systems are in production use. Additional interfaces with OB systems, medication administration systems, and devices such as mechanical ventilators and IV pumps are also available.

Grand Rounds Software™ developed its proprietary Interface Service Manager (ISM) to meet the specific challenges of system interfacing. ISM was developed by the Crib Notes™ programming team specifically for the Crib Notes™ application and is not a third party add-on. We maintain complete control over this product. As such, any interface additions or modifications (systems, devices, etc.) are handled internally by our programming team without any outside contracting.

Standard interfaces provided with each installation of Crib Notes™ include:

  • Admission / Discharge / Transfer
  • Laboratory interface for results
  • Radiology interface for results
  • e-HIM outbound interface for records transfer to hospital document repository

Additional interfaces are available as needed. Contact Crib Notes™ for more information about specific interface requests.