Admission Notes

Creating admission notes and documenting a complete perinatal history is simple with Crib Notes™. The application provides an easy-to-access robust menu of customizable phrases and sentences for incorporation into fields and note sections, with support of multiple phrase selection. Once the text is pulled into the note, it can be edited on-the-fly.

Structured diagnoses are entered along with free text. Physicians can easily capture existing information from other areas of the application, including the mother’s and baby’s complete histories as well as all lab data and physical exams, while reporting the initial infant stabilization, appraisal and care plan.

The Admission Note is easily accessible on-screen to all Crib Notes™ users, and a printed version can be placed in the chart. All clinician documentation can be sent to the hospital EMR system as pdf files. Fax capability allows transmission of reports to appropriate clinicians — referring pediatricians, specialists and others.