Clinical Documentation

Crib Notes™ streamlines data input with unique auto-population of data on both nursing flowsheets and clinician notes. Clinician progress notes are created with editable standardized phrases. Flowsheet data is automatically brought over to the progress note and placed in appropriate sections.

A wide range of built-in validations ensure complete and accurate information recording. Documentation required for regulatory compliance, including items such as pain scoring, breast milk verification, and stool occult blood quality checks, is fully supported.

Documentation is accessable to all providers for review, and includes the following:

  • Physician Admission Note
  • Nursing Admission Assessment
  • Physician / Clinician Daily Progress Notes
  • Physician Discharge Summary
  • Nursing Flowsheets
  • Nursing Narrative Notes
  • Specialized Flowsheets and other documentation for respiratory therapists, OTs, PTs, developmentalists, social workers and other providers