Clinical Data Presentation

Specialized Clinical Data Presentation

Quick, concise decision making in the NICU is often based on graphed or charted data. Crib Notes™ supports this with a range of specialized data presentations including:

Growth Tracking

Crib Notes™ supports the Fenton growth chart for the first 50 post-conceptual weeks of age. For older infants, Crib Notes™ uses the CDC charts (0-36 months, 2-18 years of age), and the Nellhaus chart for head circumference (3 years – adult). The system automatically corrects for prematurity, and the appropriate growth chart is displayed for the patient.

Phototherapy Management

Crib Notes™ displays lab and transcutaneous bilirubin results as well as phototherapy treatment with the AAP guidelines for phototherapy, exchange transfusion, and risk assessment for severe hyperbilirubinemia in the background. For premature infants without applicable AAP guidelines, Crib Notes™ supports local weight-stratified guidelines.

Glucose Monitoring

Glucoses (plasma or serum, whole blood via an iStat-type instrument, or whole blood via a reagent strip method) are plotted against the age of the baby. The graph also includes the glucose infusion rate (mg/kg/hour) calculated for each hour.

Glucose Infusion Monitoring

Nursing Procedures

Procedures are documented in Crib Notes™ with checklists and/or text. Procedure templates also support optional pain score documentation for both pre-and post-procedure scores.

Nursing Procedures

Narcotic Abstinence Scoring

Crib Notes™ supports the modified Finnegan scoring system with checkboxes and pull-down menus for items with more than one possible response. Data is presented graphically.

Narcotics Abstinence Scoring

Hypothermia Therapy

Crib Notes™ supports documentation of hypothermic treatment. The Crib Notes™ tool tip displays the treatment start time and duration. This data is integrated with the clinician’s Progress Notes.

Vermont Oxford Network Reporting

Crib Notes™ supports both the Very Low Birth Weight and Expanded Vermont-Oxford databases and automatically populates all fields of the Vermont-Oxford forms based on the structured data entry. The program creates a data file which is securely uploaded to the VO website. Crib Notes™ also maintains patient and transfer logs.

STAT Drug List

Crib Notes™ maintains an up-to-date list of emergency drugs with doses calculated for the baby’s current weight. The list can be easily accessed on the computer screen and can also be automatically printed every week for bedside placement.

Respiratory Therapy Flowsheet

Respiratory Therapy documentation is predominantly managed on the RT Flowsheet. Short text notes are written on the flowsheet along with respiratory parameter documentation. Longer notes may be entered in the Notes section of the flowsheets and all respiratory data is available to other clinicians, flowing automatically into the Progress Notes and other relevant documentation.