Crib Notes™ RN

Does your hospital have a computerized note writing system for clinicians but your nurses are still using paper flowsheets and hard copy files? Then, this is the system for you. It provides an important answer for hospitals without an EMR solution in the NICU and staff who are forced to split their documentation between hard copy and computer systems. Most hospitals struggling with dual-format documentation will enjoy significant benefits from:

  • Automated Growth Chart Creation
  • Narcotic Abstinence Scoring — graphed out
  • Autocalculation of Nutritional Data
  • Pain Score Alerts
  • IV Fluid Documentation with Alerts
  • Standardized Notes
  • Nursing Sign Off / Report Sheets
  • Care Path Documentation
  • Family Contact Documentation

Crib Notes™ RN meets these and other needs through the integration of data from ADT, Lab and Radiology systems. It delivers comprehensive documentation of your daily work through drop down menus, free text and previous entry copy. Crib Notes™ RN is an information management and workflow solution dedicated — like your entire care team — to providing the highest level of care to tiny, fragile patients in the NICU. The system brings computer-aided precision and efficiency to every aspect of day-to-day NICU workflow.

Fully customizable with a broad range of specialized features, Crib Notes™ RN supports workflow your way. We believe clinicians should never be forced to alter a single aspect of their routine to conform to an IT-driven vision of the medical environment! Designed by physicians with decades of NICU experience, Crib Notes combines a deep understanding of neonatal patient needs and NICU workflow with one the most sophisticated IT architectures available in any competing product today. Crib Notes™ RN is a comprehensive clinical documentation application that helps you manage the business of caring for these special patients.

This one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing administrative and clinical departmental solution brings new precision, control, and efficiency to the NICU, where the smallest details can make the biggest difference for vulnerable patients and help save lives. Crib Notes™ RN provides an easy-to-use graphical interface and requires a minimum of user training, the result of over 15 years of bedside use and continuous refinement.