Crib Notes™ Peds

Gathering, organizing and sharing the full depth of PICU data with the entire treatment team is crucial to ensuring the highest level of patient care.

Crib Notes™ Peds is comprehensive, specialized and designed to fill an important gap in healthcare IT. It is the first ever global information management and workflow solution dedicated — like your entire neonatal team — to providing the highest level of care to tiny, fragile patients in the PICU. Crib Notes™ Peds brings computer-aided precision and efficiency to every aspect of day-to-day PICU workflow, from admission notes to discharge summaries, for all members of the team. This includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists and every healthcare professional even peripherally involved in PICU care.

Fully customizable with a broad range of specialized features, Crib Notes™ Peds supports workflow your way. We believe clinicians should never be forced to alter a single aspect of their routine to conform to an IT-driven vision of the medical environment! Crib Notes™ Peds combines a deep understanding of pediatric patient needs and PICU workflow with one the most sophisticated IT architectures available in any similar product today.

Crib Notes™ Peds provides an easy-to-use graphical interface and requires a minimum of user training. It has been continually refined and upgraded throughout a decade of use. Crib Notes™ Peds is much more than an EMR or a simple note taking application. It is a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing clinical and administrative departmental solution that brings new precision, control, and efficiency to the PICU where the smallest details can make the biggest difference for vulnerable patients, and helps save lives.