Crib Mail™

Crib Notes™ has a unique e-mail parent communication system called Crib Mail™. Upon initiation by a nurse, Crib Notes™ will create an e-mail for the nurse to then review, personalize if desired and approve for sending. The process takes less than a minute for each baby. This allows staff to send HIPAA-compliant e-mail updates to parents and families every day and potentially decrease the amount of telephone calls to the unit. For parents without e-mail, these "letters" can be printed and put at the bedside.

Crib Notes™ uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to generate plain language to describe neonatal events and adds appropriate interpretations and comments that are driven by the data. The updates are framed as if written by the baby, which makes them precious to the family. Pictures of babies can be incorporated into Crib Notes™ and attached to the Crib Mail™ messages. Tens of thousands of these e-mails have been sent to families from Crib Mail™ and parents often laminate and save these "first letters" in their baby's scrapbook. These e-mails are a powerful family-satisfier and are consistently cited as a favorite Crib Notes™ feature.

These e-mails do not contain "protected" patient information so there are no HIPAA issues. And since the parents are signing up for the e-mails, they are actually requesting this information to be sent to them. The e-mails are not flagged or blocked by your corporate firewall.

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