Breast Milk Verification

Breast milk verification and compliance to the process is critical in the NICU, and Crib Notes’™ level of support for this is unique in the marketplace. It also is fully integrated into the EMR.

The innovative Crib Notes™ System follows a uniquely effective process:

  • Staff scan and verify milk BEFORE administering feeding
  • Staff then administer the feeding
  • Staff document the feeding, with all pertinent data populating appropriate flowsheets

Crib Notes™ breast milk verification provides precise compliance feedback in real-time. If verification is not performed prior to the time of the feeding, the event is clearly identified in the form of an alert on the patient record and a Breast Milk Verification Compliance Report.

At any time, individual nurses can access their compliance benchmarked against the entire NICU staff. Nursing management can create reports documenting unit performance as well as individual nurse performance benchmarked against the unit. Discharge documentation of take-home milk is also supported to ensure only the correct milk accompanies each patient. In short, the system provides a highly sophisticated quality assessment and improvement methodology and automated reporting system.

By contrast, most competing Breast Milk Verification Systems support milk scanning and feeding documentation without any process improvement controls.