Order Entry – What is needed today?

One of the newest buzzwords in the hospital arena is CPOE – Computerized Physician Order Entry.  OK, using a computer to enter an order makes sense from a number of points of view. But how does implementing an adult oriented order system help improve care in the NICU? Aren't the needs of the NICU so unique that trying to modify an adult system is like putting a square peg in a round hole?

With Crib Notes, Order Entry is about providing clinicians with tools to improve patient care, patient safety, and overall quality of the care delivered. In order to be functional in the NICU, the software needs to be able to handle the variables that exist in the NICU and nowhere else. For example, medication dosing relies on the following variables:

  • Gestational Age
  • Day of Life
  • Current Weight
  • Weight for Calculations

Unit orders such as feeding orders need to take into account variables such as:

  • Concentration of Formula
  • How to handle residual volumes
  • Breast Milk or Formula Additives required
  • When to advance feedings

Crib Notes – the only EMR built from the ground up to address the special need of the NICU – handles these and many more issues so you can concentrate on providing the best possible care for the smallest of all patients – yours.

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