Unleash the Power of Crib Notes™ in Your NICU Today:

  • Turn cumbersome manual charting and data entry into streamlined digital reporting with electronic versions of the same familiar flowsheets your department relies on every day. Crib Notes™ directly interfaces with hospital information systems and patient monitoring equipment for efficient data collection.
    Interface to medical devices
  • Automate complex nutritional and fluid calculations.
  • Save time and boost accuracy by automating the population of data into graphs and flowsheets with relevant information that has already been entered into the system by other caregivers.
    Auto populate chartsAuto populate chartsAuto populate charts
  • Present physicians, nurses and other providers with real-time patient information in easy-to-understand screens, charts and reports in the format of their choice. Data presentation fully integrates information from all relevant caregivers and IT systems, providing a complete patient picture. Real-time data analyses using all information in the system can be performed on-the-fly.
    Data Presentation
  • Streamline report creation through structured reporting, natural language recognition technologies and auto population of relevant data. Crib Notes™ even supports customizable dropdown menus of standard report language and auto-summary of nursing flowcharts. It automatically creates most components of discharge reports.
    Streamline report creation
  • Add new efficiency to ongoing NICU workflow and communications with custom-configured reminders and alerts as well as automated emails and reports for specialized team members and parent communication.
  • Enhance safety through custom-configured alerts and trends review. Meet the unique demands of the NICU environment with such specialized features as breast milk tracking, growth charts, vital sign trending, home cardiorespiratory monitoring and more. Mine a comprehensive NICU database to complete an unlimited number of customized reports for performance monitoring, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and more.