Crib Notes™ helps the entire NICU team derive maximum value from the depth of patient data typically acquired in the NICU. Crib Notes™ provides a range of features to support the workflow of consultant and ancillary care providers, including:

  • Respiratory Flowsheets
  • Specialized Progress Notes Clinicians and ancillary users can create their own specialized Progress Notes based on their caregiver roles. All Progress Notes may be reviewed by all Crib Notes™ users, ensuring that the entire team has access to critical patient information

For example:

  • Nutritionists document in the Health Care Maintenance problem area (which some hospitals have changed to Fluid/Lytes/Nutrition).
  • Social Workers document in the Social problem area.
  • PTs, OTs, and Developmentalists document in the Development problem area.

For a full range of Crib Notes™ capabilities, see the Features section. Crib Notes™ makes excellent communication among care-givers the rule — not the exception.