Sophisticated Digital NICU Documentation, Workflow Management and Reporting

Born of a Unique Dedication to the NICU

Where every day the smallest patients make the largest demands on every caregiver involved!

Comprehensive, specialized and designed to fill an important gap in healthcare IT, Crib Notes™ is the first ever global information management and workflow solution dedicated — like your entire neonatal team — to providing the highest level of care to tiny, fragile patients in the NICU.

Crib Notes™ brings computer-aided precision and efficiency to every aspect of day-to-day NICU workflow, from admission notes to discharge summaries, for your entire NICU staff. This includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists and every healthcare professional even peripherally involved in a baby's care.

The solution enables hospitals to maximize the value of their robust NICU data by gathering, organizing and sharing it with the entire treatment team to more precisely guide patient care.

Grand Rounds Software Compliance Certificate